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MUSIC – Ella is our Teacher




In Junior Cycle Music, you will sing and learn how to play a musical instrument. You will learn about many types of music such as pop, classical, rock, and traditional Irish music. You will also start composing some of your own music. The music course is designed to enable students to acquire musical skills suited to their age, varying abilities and musical experiences. It involves a mixture of both theory and practical work.

Theory: the theory is listening based where pupils learn about the history of a variety of musical styles and the instruments associated with each. They listen to a wide variety of musical examples and develop the skills to compare and contrast the different styles. They also learn how to read music and how to work with simple tunes.

Practical: pupils are taught how to play instruments and practice various tunes. They are provided with the opportunity to improve their musical skills through practice. They also learn and sing a variety of songs.

Is Music anything like what I did in primary school?

In primary school you learned to sing songs at various stages. You also may have been in the school choir, musical group or orchestra. You may have been involved in a school production or simply enjoy listening to lots of different types of music. Junior cycle Music will help you to become even better at performing and broaden your knowledge about music in general.

Will Music have anything to do with other subjects I will be studying?

You may learn songs in the modern languages you study. Also, you may use music in learning dance during Irish class and Physical Education. In English, you will study the importance of music in films and in advertisements. In Science, you will learn about sound which will help you better understand acoustics in Music. Technology will help you learn more about Music Technology.

How will Music be useful to me?

Music is a very important part of everyone’s life all around the world.  Most of us will take pleasure in listening to music and many will enjoy singing or playing an instrument throughout their lives. Some people decide to take up a career in music in areas such as Education, Business (Sound Engineer, Lyricist, Reviewer or Therapist) and Performance (Composer, Performer, Conductor).