CDETB in Partnership with Educate Together

Admissions Policy

Please note that there is currently no waiting lists or enrolment lists for Clonturk Community College


Clonturk Community College

CDETB in partnership with Educate Together

Opened in September 2016, City of Dublin Education and Training Board will be the Patron of the College and Educate Together the Trustee Partner. Clonturk Community College is to be co-located in the building currently occupied by Plunket College, Swords Road, Whitehall, Dublin 9. The new College opened with 48 students.

Our vision for the College is of a welcoming and vibrant school community in which all members will experience a real sense of active participation and belonging. The College aims to provide an education for students that contributes both to their personal development as well as to the social, economic and cultural development of their community. The College will be equality based, co-educational, learner-centred and managed on democratic principles.

Students will be enrolled in the College in accordance with the admissions policy.

The College operates within the regulations laid down by the Department of Education and Skills and follows the curricular programmes prescribed. This Admissions Policy was developed in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act, 1998, the Education Welfare Act, 2000, the Equal Status Act, 2000 and the Education of Persons with Special Needs Act, 2004.

Criteria for Admission

All applicants to the school must be eligible for a place in a post primary school. Applicants must have reached twelve years of age by January 1st of their first year in Clonturk Community College.

Applicants must have completed a primary school programme including 6th Class, or equivalent, before taking up a place in the school.

The School Management will determine the number of first year students to be enrolled each year and the number of class groups to be formed. The Principal reserves the right to assign students to classes throughout the school.

Special Educational Needs

Clonturk Community College welcomes applications from students with special educational needs (SEN). The application process for a pupil with special educational needs will be the same as that of any other applicant. However, in order to assess the needs of an SEN student, the school authorities will meet with the parents/guardians to discuss the pupil’s needs and the school’s ability to meet those needs. A copy of the student’s educational, medical, or where appropriate psychological reports will be requested prior to enrolment. Clonturk Community College will strive to ensure that an education appropriate to their needs is provided for pupils with special educational needs and will seek to:

 Identify the needs of pupils in advance

 Acquire the necessary resources

 Do all that is reasonable to accommodate the needs of a person with a disability by providing special treatment or facilities if required

If special resources are required, it may be necessary to defer enrolment until these are provided by the Department of Education and Skills, or other statutory body as appropriate.

Allocation of Available Places

Student enrolment forms may be downloaded from, or collected from Clonturk Community College, Swords Road, Whitehall, D09W5K6.

Application forms should be returned to the main office of Clonturk Community College.

Receipts will be issued.

Please note that postal and online application forms can not be accepted. All application forms should be returned to Clonturk Community College.

All Applicants will be informed within 21 days from the closing date for receipt of application whether their Application has been successful or not provided that all documentation requested has been supplied to the School Management.

In the event of an Applicant being refused enrolment he/she will be informed of the right to appeal to CDETB under Section 29 of the Education Act 1998.