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Almost everything we do requires some form of computer programming.  We are living in a world enhanced by software.  In the future, not knowing the languages of computers will be as challenging as being illiterate.

What will I learn about in Coding?

In Coding you will:

  • learn how to formulate problems logically
  • design, write and test code through the development of programs, apps, games, animations or websites
  • be introduced to computer science

 Is Coding anything like what I did in primary school?

In Primary school, you would have practised problem solving through maths and visual art, and while you would have used computers, you will now have the opportunity to gain a fundamental understanding of how computer hardware and software operate and relate to daily life. The course will build on any learning skills that you might have acquired in primary school.

Will Coding have anything to do with other subjects I will be studying?

Coding uses computer languages which teach you how to break down problems and think logically.  This will support you in every subject you will study in school.

How will Coding be useful to me?

Coding helps you to solve problems using mathematical knowledge, reasoning and logical skills.  You will be able to describe, illustrate, interpret, predict and explain patterns and relationships.  You will also learn to use appropriate technologies to meet  design challenges.