CDETB in Partnership with Educate Together


Q: How do I enrol my child into 1st year at Clonturk Community College?

A: Please visit the ‘about us’ section of our website for details

Q: Is there information evenings held for perspective parents and students?

A: Yes. We hold an information evening each year late Sept/early Oct.  Details are posted on this website and our social media accounts.

Q: Is Clonturk Community College a part of Plunket CFE because they are on a shared site?

A:  No. We are sharing the site with Plunket CFE but we are two separate schools.  Plunket CFE is a College of Further Education  with the CDETB.

Clonturk Community College is a post primary school with the CDETB in partnership with Educate Together.  To learn more on our ethos, please visit the ‘about us’ section of this website.