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Materials Technology Wood (Woodwork)




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Materials Technology Wood is one of the technology subjects offered at Junior Cycle and is commonly called ‘Woodwork’ The subject combines theory and practice to design and produce products, mainly manufactured from wood.  You will learn to design small projects.  Woodwork aims to develop a creative approach to problem solving through designing and making projects. You will develop skills and learn about wood as a material.

What will I learn about in Materials Technology Wood?

In Materials Technology Wood you will learn:

How to design a project when given a brief description of what you are to make

How to use the internet for research purposes

How to use freehand sketching to communicate your ideas

How to prepare a design drawing/plan of a project you design

How to read design drawings and make small projects from these drawings

How to safely use a range of hand and power tools in producing your design.

Is Materials Technology Wood anything like what I did in primary school?

You will build upon the drawing work you did in Visual Arts in primary school. You may already have learned about wood as a material and the environment as part of your work in SESE (Science and Geography). The skills you developed in mathematics and Science will also be very helpful in Materials Technology Wood.

Will MTW have anything to do with other subjects I will be studying?

Yes. Materials Technology Wood will be useful to you in the study of any of the other three technology subjects, Technical Graphics, Metalwork and Technology. Many of the skills involved in this subject are also used in the other subjects. MTW is also related to some of the topics covered in Science and Art,Craft,Design

Possible Career Opportunities:

Quantity Surveying, Furniture Design, Architecture, Building Management, Joinery and Environmental Science.