CDETB in Partnership with Educate Together

Board of Management

The Board of Management for Clonturk Community College has a clear remit to manage our school on behalf of the CDETB and our Trustee Partner Educate Together, in accordance with legislation; Department of Education and Skills (DES) circulars, guidelines and procedures; and any policies or strategies that the CDETB may establish regarding the operation of its schools.

The primary role of our Board of Management is one of governance. Governance is about providing direction and oversight for a school while ensuring that the rights of all members of the school community are upheld and that the school is accountable for its work.


The functions of our Board may, in the main, be categorised under four different headings:

  • Supporting and upholding the ethos of our school
  • Policy setting and strategic planning
  • Monitoring the implementation of policy, strategy and plans
  • Supporting the principal and her staff


As part of the Board’s efforts to keep the school community in touch with the work that it does at meetings, the Board has decided to publish an agreed report on each of the meetings held as soon as possible after each meeting. The report maintains the confidential nature of many of the agenda items by not naming individuals or giving specifics on such matters. The Board hopes that these reports will assist the school community in understanding its role and function.



Current Board of Management Members:

Ms. Anne Phelan – Chairperson – Educate Together

Ms Ruth Doggett – Educate Together

Ms. Ella Rogers-Browne – Staff Member

Mr. Frank Doyle – Staff Member

Ms. Ger Brady – Parent

Mr. Mark Grehan – Educate Together

Mr Hugh Linehan – Parent

Mr John O’Reilly – Community

Cllr. Joe Costello – CDETB

Cllr. Declan Meenagh – CDETB

Cllr. Caroline Conroy – CDETB


Agreed Reports:

Agreed Report  January 2017

Agreed Report  February 2017

Agreed Report  April 2017

Agreed Report October 2017

Agreed Report  November 2017

Agreed Report March 2018

Agree Report April 2018

Agreed Report June 2018

Agreed Report September 2018

Agreed Report September 2019

Agreed Report November 2019

Agreed Report January 2020

Agreed Report April 2020

Agreed Report June 2020

Agreed Report 25 June 2020

Agreed Report Sept 2020

Agree Report Nov 2020