Student Support Team

Our Student Support Team is made up of

  • Guidance Counsellor
  • Learning Support Teacher
  • SNA Personnel
  • Class Tutor
  • Year Head
  • Principal / Deputy Principal

Reference to “Student Support Team” is taken to include all or some of these staff. Below we have explained some of these roles for you.

Guidance Counsellor

Clonturk Community College has one Guidance Counsellor, whom work to support students during their time in the College.

What do Guidance Counsellors do?

Guidance Counsellors are professionally trained to undertake the following task within the College guidance programme.

Guidance Counsellors empower students to make decisions, solve problems, change behaviour and resolve issue in their lives in relation too Personal, Educational and Career Issues.

Personal Counselling –this provides individual, group or class work to promote interpersonal communication skills, decision making, self-awareness and the ability to plan.

Educational Guidance – This involves individual, group or class work to assist decision making in relation to choose of courses, subject and levels. It includes such topics as motivation and learning, study skills and examination techniques.

Career Guidance – this involves individual, group and class work to assist decision making in relation to education and training courses, employment opportunities, job search skills work and other life roles.

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