What is the subject about? 

Leaving Certificate Business creates an awareness of the importance of business activity, both domestically and internationally, and develops a positive and ethical attitude towards enterprise. Students will learn about legislation that protects employees and customers and the impact of these laws on businesses. Students will also study business planning, taxation and finance which are integral when setting up and running a business. Business is a contemporary subject, therefore students who take up this subject will investigate current affairs topics relating to the business environment. The learning experiences in business develop students’ critical thinking, creative and organisational skills while enhancing literacy and numeracy skills using real-life examples. 

Topics studied: 

– Stakeholders in a Business 

– Resolving Conflict in the Marketplace & Workplace 

– Entrepreneurship 

– Types of Management 

– Human Resource Management & Change Management 

– Evaluation of financial accounts of a Business: Cash flow Statement, Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Statement 

– Marketing 

– Legal structures of business 

– Business Expansion 

– Ethical, Social & Environmental Responsibility of Business 

– Globalisation & International Trade 

– European Union 


How is the subject assessed? 

Students can take the Higher Level or Ordinary Level paper.


I. Written examination (100%) 

Higher Level – 3 hour paper (400 marks); 3 sections. 

  • Section 1 – Short questions (8/10) 80 marks 
  • Section 2 – Applied Business Question – 80 marks (compulsory) 
  • Section 3 – Long Questions (60 marks per question (4/7) 


Ordinary Level – 2.5 hour paper (400 marks); 2 sections. 

  • Section 1 – Short Question (10/15) 100 marks. 
  • Section 2 – Long Questions (75 marks per question (4/8)). 


Additional comments 

– It is recommended that a student taking Leaving Certificate Business Studies has a general interest in business from a local and global perspective. 

– Junior Cycle Business Studies would be desirable to have taken at Junior Certificate though not compulsory. 

– Business does not require students to write essays. 


Career Opportunities 

– Banking & Finance 

– Management 

– Marketing 

– Public Relations 

– Owning a business 

– Insurance 

– Human Resources 

– Tourism & Hospitality