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Business Studies



Business Studies helps you to make wise decisions concerning the everyday business of living. It gives you a better understanding of the world of work. It encourages you to think about how and why people start up in business and why you too might consider starting a business.

The subject is divided into 3 separate but related areas:

The Business of Living: enables the student to make informed decisions in the everyday business of living and contributes to an understanding of the world of business. It informs pupils of their consumer rights, helps them to make sound financial decisions and encourages a positive attitude to enterprise.

Enterprise: looks at the financial aspects of business. Pupils are provided with the opportunity to prepare and analyse financial records of organisations

Economics & Business Background: looks at the practical aspects of running a business, such as setting up, finance, insurance and marketing. It also introduces students to the role of the government in business and the economy

What will I learn about in Business Studies?

o Good communication skills such as letter writing and report writing

o How to collect, organise, and record financial information for yourself, you family, for clubs you may be a member of, and for businesses you may be employed with in the future

o What your rights and responsibilities are as a consumer (someone who buys or uses goods and services—that’s you!)

o How to calculate wages

o Why our membership of the European Union is so important to our economy.

Is learning Business Studies anything like what I did in primary school?

The work you did in English will be a good help to you in letter and report writing. Your mathematical skills will help you to calculate wages, exchange rates, interest on savings and the cost of loans. Your knowledge of Ireland and the European Union from SESE (Geography) will also be of help to you in studying Business Studies for Junior Cycle.

Will Business Studies have anything to do with other subjects I will be studying?

Yes there are links with Mathematics, English, Geography and Home Economics. ICT skills will also be of use to you in Business Studies.

Possible Career Opportunities:  Business Management, Banking, Marketing, Insurance, Sales, Accountancy and Economics.