The Board of Management of Clonturk Community College is delighted to announce that following engagement with the Department of Education it is now in a position to offer both the Leaving Certificate Applied and the full Leaving Certificate programme in Clonturk Community College to students entering 5th year in September 2021. 

Established in 2016 under the patronage of the City of Dublin Education and Training Board, with Educate Together as trustee partners, Clonturk is an equality based, co-educational, learner-centred school, managed on democratic principles and committed to creating a welcoming and vibrant school community in which all members will experience a real sense of active participation and belonging.  

Reflecting those principles, the school had always hoped and intended to offer the LCA as an option to senior cycle students. However, this was at all times contingent on achieving a level of take-up by students which would make it possible to do so within the resources allocated annually to the school by the Department. Happily, this is now the case. 

The Board also welcomes the decision by the Department to provide additional specialist classrooms for its site in Whitehall, Dublin 9. These classrooms are essential to meet the educational needs of our fast-growing school, which has been massively over-subscribed since launch and is growing rapidly every year. However, Clonturk still has no permanent building and continues to be located in temporary and inadequate accommodation. It is now an absolute imperative to move swiftly and without delay to the construction of the permanent school building that our students deserve and need. We call on all relevant stakeholders to join with us in achieving this goal. 

For further information, contact: Board of Management, c/o