English is an international language spoken or being learned by people in almost every part of the world. In Junior Cycle English you will learn how to communicate more effectively with others and to express your point of view in many different ways. You will also have many opportunities to use your imagination and to find out about great writers. By the end of the Junior Cycle, you should be better able to understand your world and to say what you think about it.

You will do 2 CBA’s (Classroom Based Assessments) and an Assessment Task as part of the new Junior Cycle. More information can be found here:



Is learning English anything like what I did in primary school?

Most of the time, it will be. You will do similar work and you will continue to gain confidence in speaking, reading and writing in English. As in primary school, learning English will help you to develop as a person. You will continue to learn about the wonderful power of words and to develop your imagination.


Will English have anything to do with other subjects I will be studying?

Yes it will. As you get better at English you will get better at learning other languages. Having good English skills will also help you in presenting work for a range of other subjects e.g. History, Geography, Science and Home Economics.


How will English be useful to me?

You can continue to improve your English all your life. The better you are at English the more you are likely to enjoy speaking, reading and writing. Any third level course in English provides you with skills for a variety of positions in business, government, research, education, publishing, as well as in the cultural, entertainment and communications industries.