Please see below for Friday & next week’s schedule:


  • This Friday 21st of May is awards day. We will have a virtual whole school celebration. Students will finish school at 12:30.


  • Monday 24th – Friday 28th: 1st 2nd and 5th Year students will be sitting their exams.


1st Year Timetable:


2nd Year Timetable:


5th Year Timetable:


  • 3rd Year Students will complete Phenomenon Based Learning projects which will go towards their JCPA.


  • TY students have been given a time to come in for their end of year interview on either Monday 24th or Tuesday 25th. An email will also be sent to Parents/Guardians about their individual time slot to attend interview. They will then have their graduation on Wednesday 26th and finish at 12:50.


Best of luck to all our students completing exams, projects & interviews!