Extra Curricular


Extra-Curricular Activities – All our Teachers do Extra Curricular Activities with us

Along with all our in-school extra curricular activites that we run, A unique body called the City of Dublin Education and Training Board’s Sports and Cultural Council promotes and co-ordinates inter-school sporting and cultural events for the 12,000 students in the CDETB’s schools and colleges. Membership of the council is open to all students. Students are provided with an extensive programme of activities that range from Boxing to Public Speaking, with various competitions, festivals and exhibitions organised by 27 sub-committees.

The aims of the SCC are to educate, organise, promote and encourage our students to develop their abilities through participating in a wide range of sporting and cultural events.

We have extensive sports facilities and grounds on Campus here at Clonturk. As part of the ethos of Clonturk Community College, we see our programmes of activity not only complimenting the curriculum, but also enhancing what goes on in our classrooms. By helping to develop a sense of commitment and team spirit among our students, we believe that it will have a positive effect on their own lives, their school and society as a whole.


** Due to COVID-19, some of the SCC events have not run this year but please see below for Clonturk’s own extra-curricular calendar which is run by our very enthusiastic and competitive bunch of teachers, SNAs and Parent volunteers! **