What is the subject about? 

Leaving Certificate Geography will help students develop an understanding of the changing relationships between the physical and human worlds. Through their study of geography, students will develop geographical skills that will help them to make informed judgements about issues at local, national and international levels. Leaving Certificate Geography is a big course and covers a diverse range of topics from volcanoes to the European Union. 

How is the subject assessed? 

The Geography course comprises of two components at Higher Level and Ordinary Level: 


I. Written Examination (80%) 

There is one written paper which lasts for 2 hours and 50 minutes. There are three parts to the written paper. 

– Twelve short questions where you will be marked out of your best ten. (25 mins, 80 marks). 

– Essay style questions where you have a choice of ONE question from three in each section. Spend no more than 30 mins on each question (80 marks). 

o Section 1: Physical Geography (Q1, Q2, Q3 – Pick one) 

o Section 2: Regional Geography (Q4, Q5, Q6 – Pick one) 

o Section 3: Human Elective (Q7, Q8, Q9 – Pick one) OR Economic Elective (Q10, Q11, Q12 – Pick one) 

– Optional Unit (Higher Level Only): You will be given 4 questions on your chosen option and you pick one. Each question will require you to write a single longer essay where you discuss three or four aspects of the theme in detail in 30 minutes (80 marks) 


II. Geographical Investigation Report/Project (20%) 

The Geographical Investigation is usually submitted in April of 6th year and is worth 20% of the final grade. Usually it is a Coastal investigation where we would go to a local beach in Dublin and investigate processes and landforms made by the sea. 


Additional Comments 

– Junior Certificate Geography would be a desirable subject to have taken at Junior Certificate though this is not compulsory. 

– Students who have not completed Geography at Junior Cycle may need to study a little more however all basics are covered again at this level. 

– Students will go on field studies and trips in this subject to see more areas of Ireland and its unique landscape and features. 


Career Opportunities 

– Teacher/lecturer 

– Travel agent 

– Meteorologists 

– Earth Scientist 

– Town Planner 

– Environmental Science 

– Environmental consultant 

– Geographical information systems officer 

– Conservation officer