What is the subject about? 

Students will cover 4 topics over the course of the two years. Two topics will be from the Making of modern Ireland and two topics from the Making of modern Europe and the wider world. Students will start the course in Ireland with the Act of Union 1801 and will finish Irish history with Language, Religion and Culture in 1949. Irish History will look at how they cope with life under English rule and how they try get their independence and we finish the course with how the Irish try surviving being independent. The European course starts in 1920 with the growth of fascists regimes in Europe. We will look at the causes of WWII and the consequences of it. We will look at the Montgomery Bus Boycott in USA. We will look at the Cold war and USA involvement in other wars such as Vietnam and Korea and we will finish with the Space Race and the Moon Landing. 


How is the subject assessed? 

There will be two assessment components: 

I. Written examination (80%) 

Students will study 4 topics in the two years. In the examination students will answer four questions. One document question and 3 essay questions. All four questions will be of equal value. Higher and Ordinary level have the same examination structure and will cover the same topics, however in the higher-level examination students will have to answer their questions in more depth. 

II. Research Study Report (20%) 

As part of the Leaving Certificate course you will produce a research study report. The study involves researching a historical topic from any period of history before 1993. Research will be done at home and in school. A final handwritten copy will be submitted in an exam booklet in the weeks before the Leaving Certificate examination. 


Topics covered in LC History: 

Modern Ireland: 

– Movement for Political and Social Reform 1870 – 1914 

– The pursuit of Sovereignty and the impact of the partition, 1912 – 1949 

Modern Europe and the Wider World: 

– Dictatorship and democracy in Europe, 1920-1945 

– The United States and the world, 1945-1989 


Additional Comments 

– Junior Cycle History is not a requirement to take Leaving Certificate History, although it will be a bonus if you have done it before. 

– A lot of the information taught is in line with the Junior Cycle course, but it will be a lot more in-depth. 

– It is important to note that Leaving Certificate History is a big step up from Junior Cycle History. The workload is increased and there will be a lot more information given. We have two years to get the course done instead of three. 

– Leaving Certificate History requires students to complete a series of essays, so it is important that students have two copies; one for notes and one for essays. 

– Leaving Certificate History is a nice subject and you will do well in this subject if you have a genuine interest in it. 


Career Opportunities 

– Education 

– Current Affairs 

– Law 

– Journalism 

– Local and National Radio and TV 

– Politics 

– Economics 

– Sociology 

– Museum and Library Work