We are looking forward to having your child start school in Clonturk Community College this September. Unfortunately, due to restrictions at this time we cannot hold our annual incoming first year information session. Instead, we have put together an information booklet and a series of videos for you to watch with your young person. We hope these presentations will be informative and give you a good idea of what your child can look forward to in their new school.

Subject Options must be picked by Wednesday 24th February 2021. The form, found below, can be filled in online.

The assessment day for incoming first years will now be held at the end of August. This was originally planned for June but it has been delayed due to restrictions. These assessments are not tests or exams. The results are used to support students in their transition into secondary school and on their learning journey in Clonturk Community College. We do not want your child to feel stressed or worried about the assessment day.

Please click on each bullet point below:

Welcome Message from Anna Whyte – 1st Year Year Head CLICK HERE

Information Booklet for 1st Year Students 2021/2022 CLICK HERE

Buying your iPad from CompuB CLICK HERE


(The link to the iPad store and more information about buying the iPad will be released before April 1st. Please do not buy your iPad from another store as the correct management system will not be installed.)

Teaching & Learning in Clonturk CLICK HERE

1st Year Subjects and Option’s Choices 2021/2022 CLICK HERE

Subject Selection Form CLICK HERE


(Form to be filled in by students picking their subject options by Wednesday 24th February 2021)


1st Year Books & Costing 2021/2022CLICK HERE


If you have any queries, about any of the information on this page or subject options please contact admissionsclonturk@clonturkcc.cdetb.ie.