Digital Learning

Clonturk Community College have embraced the use of iPads as a teaching and learning tool, helping students and teachers achieve excellence together. We use a dual approach to learning by using iPads and textbooks.

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iPad Information for Incoming Students:

The Select Store for Incoming Students will open on Wednesday 1st of March and close on Friday 12th of May. You will need to order your iPad through the Select Store below. This is the only window of time where iPads can be purchased for guaranteed, on time delivery in June. 

Please do not buy your iPad from another store as the correct management system will not be installed. Any queries should be directed through them at 01-5079100, or via their online webchat.

iPad deployment will take place on Saturday the 10th of June 2023 in Clonturk CC. More information will be sent before this date. 

Information Powerpoint from Select  Click here

iPad Breakages/Damage:

If an iPad is out of Warranty or has Rainy Day coverage, call 01 507 9100 and ask for the Education Team. The agent will advise you on the options available and were to send or drop the iPad to.

If the iPad has AppleCare+, call 1800 80 40 62 and Apple will assist and look after the repair.

AppleCare+ covers the following: Click Here