Exam Schedule 2023

  • Friday 26th of May is awards day. We will have a virtual whole school celebration. School closes at 12pm.
  • Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June: 1st, 2nd and 5th Year students will be sitting their exams. 3rd Year students will have block classes while normal classes are ongoing for 6th Year Students.

Some points to note:

  • Junior students (1st-3rd) will not be allowed to leave the premises during breaks between examinations. We will be providing study rooms for those who wish to study in-between examinations.
  • Senior students are permitted to leave the premises but must be on time for examinations after the break.
  • When a Junior/Senior student has completed examinations for the day, they are permitted to leave for the day.
  • Standard dress-code applies during exam week.
  • Tutors will outline exam rules over the coming weeks with students and there will be focus on study skills in SPHE classes.


1st Year Timetable: (click here)

2nd Year Timetable: (click here)

1st & 2nd Year L2LP Timetable: (click here)

3rd Year Block Timetable: (click here)

3rd Year L2LP Timetable: (click here)

5th Year Timetable: (click here)

LCA Timetable: (click here)

Best of luck to all our students completing exams! 🙂